Sunday, September 7, 2008

In Circles Hat

I designed this hat to eventually knit with shetland yarn, using multiple colors. These circles lend themselves to all sorts of experimentation.
Sis, happy 29th anniversary.


MaryjoO said...

this is gorgeous -- and I keep thinking .... mitten pattern! the "top" also looks so pretty!

Maggie R said...

This hat is beautiful... A knitter I am NOT so I am impressed:-}
Enjoyed your blog. Thanks for having me

craftivore said...

Wow, what a great great hat. I hope that you will publish or post the design. I came over here from Unionpurl.

Dee D said...

craftivore -

Thanks re hat. I hope to get the directions on paper in the near future. I'm in the process of moving ---- such as tomorrow - Maine to Georgia.


freebird said...

Ooh, it does. I can see the possibilities. Changing background with changing circle colors or changing just one of them or changing out the centers or using variegated for one or the other. Looks like a great design.