Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two Scenes

Today we took a late afternoon walk on the beach and were treated to the following.

Scene 1 - a couple of young girls were riding their horses, bareback, along the waters edge with the waves crashing at their feet. It is such a beautiful sight to see these magnificant animals running for the pure joy of it.

Scene 2 - one of the horses decides there really is no joy to be had running in the northern Atlantic Ocean as it is darn cold water. The horse stops abruptly dumping the rider into the sea. Apparently, only in movies is it easy to mount a horse without a saddle. After a few futile attempts, the rider walked the horse up the beach to the sand dunes so she could be somewhat higher than the horse. She then raced down the dune (not with the grace of Misty May or Kerri Walsh) and jumped on the horse. After a few attempts she managed to get upright and they were on their way.


MaryjoO said...

you are right -- definitely not "made in the movies" but I bet the horses were still beautiful!

Ms. Wis. said...

A lovely description — but more important I just discovered you (via Knitting Letters). I am not a knitter but am a fiber fan nevertheless. But I am a 60ish blogger and have been wondering if there were any more of us in the world.

Looked at your past posts inc. the drawings - beautiful!. I am going to look for that book as I tend to draw more abstractly and feel lost when I go realistic. So thanks for the tip and I will add you to my bookmarks!

PS — I am considering my blog my artwork for the moment as drawing and journaling have fallen by the wayside while I get started. Just ending my first month. Visit me at;

Linda B. aka Ms. Wis.

freebird said...

Oh, that's really pretty funny. The horse showed her how the cold water felt!