Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BJP 2013, January and February

I am still beading but really slow at getting anything posted.  For one thing, I can't decide if I should be working on a 3" square or 3" circle, so for now I am doing both.  Perhaps the "three inches" will be my unifying theme rather than the shape.

This piece will become part of my "Lest We Forget" series and is entitled "I'm Fading Away" which was pretty much the last coherent sentence spoken to me by my mother who suffered from Alzheimer's.  It is a tribute to all who suffer from dementia.

This piece is also a part of the "Lest We Forget" series and is entitled "I Spy".    My cat, Maggie, follows me around always keeping an eye on me.  This is to honor all the wonderful pets that enrich our lives.

Hopefully I will have a third piece up in the very near future.