Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Look Back

A few weeks ago I had the good fortune of finding Elizabeth Barton's blog "Art and Quilts, Cogitations Thereon" Her posting of January 22nd really got me wondering if there was any sort of common theme in my work.

During my high school years (the 1960's), I had a wonderful art teacher, Ruth Sparks, and my favorite technique at the time was drawing with pen and ink --- but, it wasn't line drawing, it was dots -- thousands of tiny little dots (considering what I do now, no surprise there) in different colored inks that made up the painting. Unfortunately, I no longer have any of them.

During the 1970's I took up needlepoint and did lots of projects but my favorite was this piece of color blending.

And then the 1980's arrived and Kaffe Fassett's influence on the knitting world. For this sweater I used 56 different colors of mohair yarn. If you look closely you will see a gold stitch that I knitted in the night Brian Boitano won his Olympic gold medal in figure skating.

And then this sweater in which I changed the method of adding color. One thread remaining the same throughout the sweater and then I worked a color change on every row with the second thread (45 colors used).

And on to the 90's when I took up quilting. For this piece I dyed a series of yellows and oranges which I then cut up into one inch squares and reassembled.

I also took my first tentative steps into the world of beading. This is a loom woven piece.

After years of working with one inch squares (still my favorite) I did move up to two inch squares. I worked on many styles of quilts but my personal favorites had color blending.

The 2000's saw Robin Atkins enter my life with the start of the Bead Journal Project. I joined in to learn bead embroidery and here is one of my first attempts at this new technique.

The 2010's finds me still blending colors.

Whether I'm knitting, quilting or beading - apparently it isn't the medium that matters, but putting color against color is what I find fascinating and have spent my life doing. It all seems so obvious now. Thank you Elizabeth Barton.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

BJP-2010 - Stone Page 3

I was beginning to wonder if I would ever finish getting those seed beads sewn on. One bead at a time is a very slow process.

Would anyone have any idea what this mineral specimen is? This piece has been highly polished and the edges are very smooth.

Color Play 02212010

Sewing in all the color change ends sure takes time but I'm nearly there. Next fall I will donate this hat to a charity. (and the kid sister's name is not Charity)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Cupcake -

Petit four -

Both patterns are free, for personal use only.

No. 100

It all starts out so innocently. Three years ago I wanted to learn how to do bead embroidery so I signed on with Robin's original bead journal project, which in turn led to having a blog. This is my blog post number 100.

And so it goes - my sister and I had been discussing how cupcakes are all the rage including knitted ones. A young gal in my sister's office loves red velvet cake so what could be more appropriate than knitting her a red velvet cake cupcake for Valentine's Day.

I couldn't very well send Brittany a cupcake without making something for my sister, so with a little computer research I found a pattern for a petit four.

Hmm, now that the petit four is in the mail, I wanted one, or two ....

As a consequence of all this "baking", I really slowed down with my beading. Below is one page done. The center piece is an agate slice that my mom bought many, many years ago. I've no idea what she planned on doing with it, but it fit into my plans perfectly.

The final photograph is of my February spiral. The bead color is a very pale pink and the spiral is quite two-sided rather than round.