Friday, June 17, 2011

April and May BJP

Raspberry Fizz with a Slice of Lime -

For this piece I experimented with standing columns of beads ranging in height from 3 to 7 beads tall.


Lest we forget, this piece was done with thoughts of New Zealand and Japan. The reddish beads are actually a deep brown but I couldn't get the color to photograph properly. My experiment on this one is the different heights. The "blue water" is at a lower level than the "earth". For the earth, I beaded the two sections separately and then mounted them with some extra material to build up the original surface.

Not sure when I will be adding (or beading) any more pages. Since last I wrote we unexpectedly moved. We had been casually looking around for a piece of waterfront property with the idea that at some time in the future we would once again build a new home. But then ..... we found the perfect place. We are now in our new home and all the boxes are unpacked, but one of these days we will be heading back to New England for the summer.


Cyndi L said...

Whether you can do more pages this year or not, it's been a pleasure seeing the pieces you've made! I hope you'll just jump back in when you can, and not worry about doing all of them :-)

jann said...

The dimensionality of your pages is perfect. I hope you will again explore pages sometime in the future.

char said...

Beads never let go completely. They might give you a little more line for a while, but they always pull you back in. Congratulations on your new home.

Shel said...

Raspberry Fizz....Yum

Earthquake piece is very interesting, like the "earth" as well as the water. Hopefully both countries can re-build and become beautiful once again.


MaryjoO said...

Nice to see you are still alive. And unpacked? IMPRESSIVE! Hope you get up North soon though LOL Hugs!

MaryjoO said...

PS LOVE your beading work. Looks like a lot of thought has gone into it. I need to get a focus, sigh.

Robin said...

Hi DeeD, Your BJP pieces for this year are my favorites of all I've seen, hands down! What an incredible design sense you have. Combine that with your flawless technique, and YOU rock!

I'd like to talk over an idea with you on the phone. Would you call me some afternoon or evening? If you like I would call you right back as I have unlimited minutes. My number is 360-378-5917. I'm on the west coast so later in your day or evening is best for me. Thanks!

BeadsForever said...

I'm so happy to have sen your Bead Journal Projects. I hope this isn't the last, as they are absolutely fantastic!