Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bead Journal Project

JUNE is in honor of my friend, Sally, who enjoys all things "rooster". She purchased this button for a sweater. JULY is in honor of my Dad, a watercolor artist. Just couldn't resist making the color wheel as a wagon wheel - he was born and raised in the "wild" west - Montana.

AUGUST is in honor of my husband's Aunt Marion. The focal piece on this is actually a stick pin. I stitched the post to the reverse side before adding the backing fabric.
For those keeping track, May is the missing month. In a couple of weeks we will be headed to our summer home in Maine and then I will be able to work on it. The piece will honor my husband's mother and I need a snippet of her wedding gown to incorporate into it.


Shell said...

Great job with the memory pieces...can "hear" the gasps regarding the taking a snippet of your Mother-In-Law's Wedding Gown !!


pam T said...

oh very very cool, all of them! yep, I'm gasping too, a snippet of WEDDING GOWN! OMG!
love the pic of Maggie.

Robin said...

Oh, Dee D! These are just awesome... all three of them! And you have only one to go to finish the year! Geeeezt! Want to come work on one of mine??? Have you sent pictures to Brenda for your website member page yet???

Marty S said...

Very nice. Great way to honor friends and family.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader