Saturday, April 28, 2012

May through August

 In just a few weeks we will be leaving for the summer and not returning to our home (my beads) until sometime mid to late September.  I've been a beading maniac trying to get a bit ahead so that I don't have to play too much catch up when we return.

May - the inspiration for this piece was azalea blooms.  My little neighborhood was ablaze in fuchsia, pink and whites.  It was so pretty.

June - the below photograph provided the inspiration for the June bracelet.  As you can see by the photo the view was shades of grey and then there was a break in the clouds illuminating the marsh on the far shore.

 July - just had to make another piece of patriotic jewelry to go with my ever-growing collection.  With Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th and Veteran's Day there are many times throughout the year to celebrate with our national colors.

August - the beach!  This bracelet is an adaptation of the May bracelet.  I added more "waves" for this one and kept them all the same size unlike the original one which varied in height.


jann said...

Great bjp summer bracelets. My favorites are the ones with ruffles. I especially love the ocean waves--very frothy.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Although I was so looking forward to your tree of beautiful beaded ornaments, I am enjoying all of your bracelets a lot. Wonderful interpretations. I would have trouble choosing a favorite as they are all so pretty.

Robin said...

I love them all, Dee! Most of all, I love the beach one with its ruffles... The all have their charm... that you thought to do the grey day with the bit of marsh showing is so telling of your artistry.

Robin A.

Margaret M. Sheehan said...

I love the frothy one, too! But, everything you do is gorgeous!

Margaret M. Sheehan said...

I love the frothy one, too! Nice! : )