Sunday, June 20, 2010


With a pile of loops and this frame,
I made these potholders.

What a fun, early, birthday present I received from my sister. This potholder weaving kit, with 100% cotton loops, is from Harrisville Design, Harrisville, NH.


Shel said...

June 27 - Happy Birthday. The potholders look good. Looking forward to weaving some of my own.


MaryjoO said...

Oh, I missed your birthday!!! Akkk! Well, I have a little something for you from Prague so that will be your birthday present!

Have to smile at your potholders: I took a "kit" to the 7 year old of my high school best friend (from Thessaloniki, Greece) who actually lives in Prague. The child has everything, including a ton of books, so what to take her LOL I got a nice "bag" (an Etsy sock yarn holder bag actually) and the potholder kit -- the kit was a HUGE success and the girl woke her mother up early the next day to show her how many potholders she had made.
So we can all have fun, no?