Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day - color

Today while having lunch I noticed a color scheme going on in my living room ----- when did this happen! The other day I received this darling card from my sister. I put the card on the mantel.

Then my eyes travelled down to the two pillows on the couch -

and then on to the library book I'm reading -

the coasters on the table -

and then over to the kitchen island.

I seem to be in a lime and orange phase.


Dave said...

What a coincidence.

And it is a nice color scheme.

Shell said...

Hi Love the colors together...guess that's why so many Mom's serve peas and carrots!!! By the way, I'm not one of those Mom's.


Dee D said...

Yuck - peas and carrots --- how about limes and oranges!

phylliswininger said...

Love the color scheme too.

Also, checked out the car photos.

Outstanding photography!!

They look like works of art.......

See you soon,

Paintdiva said...

Yeah, stick with limes and oranges...I love these colors !!!!