Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My Dad has become a blogger and can be found at He has been posting about children's toys and what he played with as a child. They played with knives, while his "proper" little girls, opted for guns. Below is a collection that I still have.

Ammo required was nothing more than a ping pong ball.

Not only did we (and still do, upon occasion) enjoy playing with these guns, the nephews and brother-in-laws have also gotten into the act.
P.S. - I just did a search to check on these toy guns (K-Gun) and the first thing that came up was an e-bay site (three days left to bid) with a current bid of $45 for a single gun. Hmm.


Dave said...


I am amazed that you still have the ping pong ball guns.

Yes, they were fun, and I am amazed you still play with them on occasion.

I wonder if they still make them?

Shell said...

Ping Pong guns...we could never find the red rubber guns but did get a "machine-gun" style that holds 10 balls and shoots rapid-fire. Guess that's a sign of the times... yet, pocket knives as well as Boy Scout knives
...definitely NOT ALLOWED...

MaryjoO said...

Considering I have 4 brothers, I think we had these also. Rubbery?

And ... $45X5 .... LOL

I should talk. We have "original" Peter Max star sheets up here at the cabin -- that could go well on Ebay LOL