Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2008 pages/reverse side

Thanks everyone for your comments. For the reverse side of the ornament, my plan is to put information about the person the ornament honors. After stitching the front side, I add another piece of stiffened felt and join the two pieces using a three-bead whip stitch around the edges. I found this tag among my mother's things and it will be mounted on the reverse side of the Swan ornament. The handwriting is my Mom's and she wrote my younger sister's birth information on it. On the other side is my birth information as filled in by the hospital.

Sis - today is the big day - Happy Birthday.


Robin said...

Very nice way to finish them! And how great that you found the tag in your Mother's writing. That's really special. Thanks for posting this! Robin A.

Jacquie said...

What a nice remembrance of your mother. Very thoughtful!

MaryjoO said...

how lovely and touching.

My mother in law stored small family treasures (jewelry, organization pins, etc) with small scraps of paper that gave the history -- good thing, too, so her sons "remember" where the things were from. LOL