Wednesday, July 2, 2008


In celebration of my 60th birthday last week, I bought myself a present - "Secrets to Realistic Drawing" by Carrie Stuart Parks and Rick Parks (husband and wife forensic artists and teachers). My goal for my 60th year, is get back to drawing and, in particular, to draw my cats faces. Above are the eyes belonging to our now deceased cat, Pumpkin. For starters, perhaps I will do "eye" portraits. These are my very first eyes and my husband immediately knew that it was Pumpkin I was drawing.


MaryjoO said...

I recognized the eyes right away from your Ravelry avatar -- wow! GREAT job! What a fabulous color blue, too!

freebird said...

Well, either you are very, very good or the book is very, very good or both. I am going to put this book on my wish list for sure.